With the ongoing global Coronavirus outbreak PassportCard is prepared to provide service to all our customers globally

Dear member/broker,

We would like to present you with the following general legal information regarding your insurance cover under the PassportCard Cyprus Insurance Broker Ltd (“PassportCard”) international private health insurance policy (“Policy”).

Based on the information that you have provided to us, we would like to recommend to you coverage under the PassportCard Policy as it will provide you with health insurance cover during the time you are relocated in your country of destination.

Please note that it is critical that you provide us with true and accurate information at all times. Failure to do so may affect the quality and appropriateness of the service that PassportCard is able to provide to you and may put your insurance cover or eligibility for benefits at risk.

For any queries or, to provide us with updates regarding your personal or medical information, please contact our customer service representatives at: csr@passportcard.com.cy

We have set-out below a short review of certain legal information which is detailed in greater depth in the PassportCard Policy terms and conditions:

1.Identity of the insurer

Name: AWP HEALTH & LIFE S.A. (“AWP” or “Insurer”)

Address: Eurosquare 2, 7 Rue Dora Maar, 93400 Saint Ouen, France Jurisdiction: France

Commercial Register: ORIAS – Paris Trade and Companies register.

2.Identity of the distributor and administrator

Name: ExpatriateCard Insurance Broker Ltd.

Registration HE 318367, authorized and regulated by the Superintendant of Insurance License 3067 Address: 7 Florinis Street, Greg Tower, 6th floor, 1065 Nicosia, Cyprus

Jurisdiction: Cyprus

* Please note that as of January 2020, our EU products carry our new brand name – PassportCard. In this regard, our old brand name, DavidShield, is no longer used.

3.Main business activity of the broker

Currently, the primary line of business for PassportCard is the distribution and administration of the PassportCard Policy. PassportCard currently distributes the Policy as its only international  private health insurance policy. PassportCard receives a sales commission from the Insurer in this respect.

4.Target market

The PassportCard insurance plan is targeted to the European internationally mobile community market. When the PassportCard literature refers to ‘Europe’ it is referring to the states that are included in the Schengen Area.

5.The Association for Expatriate Insurance

The association was set-up by PassportCard for the purpose of holding the group health insurance policy that it has entered into with the Insurer. The Association is the legal owner of the PassportCard insurance policy to which each individual member is subscribed and then provided with individual insurance cover.

6.The existence of a guarantee fund or other compensation schemes

A guarantee fund does not exist.

7.Essential features of the insurance cover

For details on the insurance benefits covered by the Policy, please refer to the documents provided to you at the time of purchasing your insurance cover and, in particular, the Table of Benefits and the underwriting document provided to you (if applicable).

8.Premium rates

The premium rate that you will be required to pay in order to be covered under the Policy is determined on an annual basis according to the age of each person to be included in your insurance cover and, according to the location of your country of destination. In addition, an underwriting premium may be added to the premium rate based on the health declaration or questionnaire that you provided during  the application process to receive the insurance cover.

Note that the premium rates do not differ by gender but do differ by age band based on actuarial calculations. The total premium amount will be stated on your Membership Certificate which was provided to you at the time of purchasing  your insurance cover and which will periodically be updated  in accordance with changes to the details contained in such document.

Any future change to the premium will be notified to you at least two months prior to such change coming into effect. During the two months’ notice period, you will have the right to request the termination of the insurance cover before such rate comes into effect.

9.Premium payments

The initial/first premium instalment is payable prior to the start date of your policy. Subsequent premiums are due on the first day of the chosen payment period – quarterly/ monthly / semi-annually/ annually – according to the payment plan you selected at the time of purchasing your insurance cover.

10.Non-payment of Premium

In the event that you fail to pay the premium that is due, in full, within 1 (one) month following its due date, the Insurer’s obligation to pay benefits may be waived. In addition, the insurance cover may be terminated 30 (thirty) days after you have been sent notification of the Insurer’s intention to terminate your insurance cover (“30 day notice period”). Such notice shall then be cancelled if the due premium   is paid within the 30 day notice period.

11.Duration of the insurance cover

The effective start date of your insurance cover is stated on your Membership Certificate.

Your insurance cover may be terminated upon your written request or, upon the initiation of PassportCard or the Insurer in accordance with the Policy terms and conditions which were provided  to you at the time of purchasing your insurance cover and which are also available on our website.

Termination results in the immediate cancellation of entitlement to benefits for all services to all covered persons after the termination date.

12.Applicable law

Coverage under the Policy is subject to the laws of France.

13.Applicable language

Your insurance cover, together with the corresponding documents will be kept in the English language.

14.Complaint Management

If you have a question or complaint regarding your insurance cover, please send it by e-mail to csr@passportcard.com.cy

15.Complaint to the competent supervisory authority

In the event of complaints against us, you may contact PassportCard’s customer service center at the following email address: csr@passportcard.com.cy

If the response you are given does not meet your satisfaction, the Insurer is a signatory to the mediation charter of the French Federation of Insurance Companies, therefore, in the event of a persistent and definitive disagreement, you have the option, after exhausting all other possible amicable remedies, to approach the Mediator of the French Federation of Insurance Companies, who can be contacted at the following address:

La Médiation de l’Assurance

TSA 50 110

75 441 Paris, Cedex 09 France

16.Protection of Personal Data

Please refer to the data privacy notice that was provided to you together with other documents at the time you purchased your insurance cover. The data privacy notice is also available on the PassportCard website.

17.Right of Revocation

You may revoke your request for insurance cover in text format (e.g., letter, email) within 14 days from the time you received confirmation of purchase of insurance cover from us i.e., when you received the terms and conditions of the insurance plan, data privacy notice and other documentation at the end of the sales process.

The revocation notice is to be addressed to: csr@passportcard.com.cy

18.Consequences of Revocation

In the event of an effective revocation, the insurance cover will terminate, and we will refund to you the portion of the premiums attributable to the period after receipt of the revocation if you have agreed that the insurance cover will commence before the end of the revocation period. In this case, we may retain the part of the premium that is attributable to the time until receipt of the revocation; this is an amount equal to 1/30 of the monthly premium for each day that insurance cover has existed. If the insurance cover does not begin before the end of the revocation period, the effective revocation results in the return of benefits received and the surrender of benefits derived (e.g. interest).

19.Special Note

Your right of revocation expires if the insurance cover is completely fulfilled by your express request before you have exercised your right of revocation.