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Moving to another country is one of the most exciting things you can do. But for most of us, knowing we can still access familiar, comfortable health insurance is crucial to settling and relaxing into a new lifestyle. Our expat health insurance has been designed to serve the needs of relocation and protect you and your family, so you can get on with enjoying your new life with total peace of mind, and the health care you need. With PassportCard, you can be certain that wherever you relocate, you’ll be looked after as if you were still at home.

How Does PassportCard Work?

If you need to see a doctor, just call us, we will instantly calculate the cost of the medical service and put that money straight onto your PassportCard. Then you can just use the card to pay the doctor. You can also use the card to pay for: prescription medication, lab & imaging tests and emergency room visits. No out-of-pocket payments, no paperwork or long claims processing, it’s that simple!


Call or WhatsApp us 24/7 before receiving medical services.


We will then load money onto your card.


The doctor can now swipe the card for payment.

The PassportCard Experience

We put you at the heart of our business.


You’re not limited to a shortlist of recommended doctors.
In fact, if a doctor accepts Mastercard they’ll accept you. So, feel free to choose where you want to have treatment: your doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers.


Our dedicated team is available 24/7 via phone, and email. If something doesn’t feel right, including COVID-19 symptoms, you can consult with a Doctor over the phone from the comfort of your home.


Enjoy a hassle-free healthcare experience, no need to submit traditional claim forms
or wait for approvals and reimbursements. Just load money onto your PassportCard, where and when you need it.


Our unique insurance solution: Whenever you need to pay for medical services, all you have to do is load and swipe this prepaid card for payment.

What Our Clients
Say About Us:


During Christmas 2019, I had the pleasure to end up at the Bangkok Hospital in Hua Hin with what I presumed was a heart attack. Our office works with many di¬fferent insurance companies. I myself am insured at PassportCard, so at least I knew I did not have to worry about the financials. Experiencing it all from the patient side however, I was pleasantly surprised. In Thailand, the Hospitals will not cooperate if they are not sure they will get their money, and as a part of the investigation, a CT scan was necessary. This was quite costly and I did not have that amount of money with me. My girlfriend however, prepared as she likes to be, had the PassportCard app on her phone as well as the contact details. She called PassportCard and within literally 3 minutes the needed amount was loaded on the PassportCard Credit Card (that clients receive together with their insurance card) so the scan could be paid for directly. This was really a “wow” experience. Long story short, I had surgery soon after that and after 2 days later I was discharged. As an insider I know that the Final Guarantee of Payment can take many hours, but I was informed by the doctor that I could go home, passed by the Hospital insurance desk, one signature and I was on my way. I needed to come back two months later for a second surgery, and also this time everything was arranged perfectly. As a Broker I know which insurance companies perform well and which ones are more challenging. I already knew PassportCard was a hassle-free company and that is why we like to work with them, but all in all I can only say I was very impressed by the service provided by PassportCard. Chapeaux!


My husband and I are more than happy with the policy, the benefits and the service. I gave birth to 2 beautiful children, while being insured by PassportCard and I am highly pleased with their caring team and really good value for money.


Prompt response and little paperwork


This company is as fast as enough to solve my all problems for now… thanks in advance


Easy contact via WhatsApp. Quick response.


We have been cooperating with PassportCard for many years, as an insurance broker, and are very pleased with the company’s special customer-oriented service. They are always very attentive and manage to show humanity and care, even when complicated cases occur.


As an insurance broker with multiple offices, we do not have any hesitations offering PassportCard to our clients and employees. Responsiveness, efficiency, and quality are the words that best describe PassportCard, answering e-mails within only two hours is pretty rare in our industry.


Everywhere You Go

Beyond borders, from any continent, just chat with us on WhatsApp whenever and wherever you need us. To start, simply add our WhatsApp number to your phone’s contact list: +357-99066067

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If you have a question or need assistance, please send our friendly support team a note to: csr@passportcard.com.cy

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Because we understand the importance of your time, we have a team standing by to answer your questions in real time. So, just call us 24/7 : +357-22007080

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