With the ongoing global Coronavirus outbreak PassportCard is prepared to provide service to all our customers globally

PassportCard-DavidShield International Medical Insurance

Coronavirus Information Sheet

Date: March 15, 2020

Dear Customers,

We have collected essential information for you in this document.

Does the PassportCard-DavidShield policy cover me for medical expenses related to the Coronavirus outbreak?

Yes, the policy covers medical expenses according to the table of benefits and the insurance plan you purchased, as follows:

All plans: Inpatient treatment in case of infection will be covered under the policy, subject to the underwriting conditions set at the time of your acceptance to the insurance.

Preferred and Elite plans: Coronavirus detection tests will also be considered a medical expense in circumstances that justify testing such as suspicious symptoms or clear exposure to a patient with coronavirus.

Can I purchase insurance coverage for China under the PassportCard – DavidShield policy?

Yes. Please contact the PassportCard Sales Center at 80070605000 (add Intl. access code).

Does the policy cover me for any days of quarantine?

 No, the PassportCard-DavidShield policy only covers medical expenses.

Is the company’s customer service call center prepared for service if the company’s employees are obligated to be quarantined?

 Yes, PassportCard is prepared for this scenario. The company will continue to provide service to its customers around the world.

Can I consult a physician over the phone?

Absolutely yes! In addition to the “Doctor’s Room” service provided by PassportCard-DavidShield to its clients routinely, these days, until further notice, online medical advice will be covered as well as a doctor’s visit for Preferred and Elite clients.

Will I be evacuated if I am infected by the Coronavirus?

Most probably not. Currently most countries in the world prevent entry of those infected with Coronavirus from other countries, and apply new restrictions daily. Companies that deal with emergency medical evacuation avoid evacuating Coronavirus patients. Each case is examined individually. Considerations depend on the availability of medical staff who are capable of making such a transfer with the consent of a hospital to receive a Coronavirus patient coming from another country, and most importantly, the consent of the authorities in the receiving country to accept a Coronavirus patient into the country.

How can I test for the coronavirus?

Each country has published its rules and conditions for conducting the tests.  When appropriate symptoms appear and/or you have been exposed to a coronavirus patient, please contact the local health authorities (for example: US 911 or CDC hotline, UK 111, Israel MDA 101), or consult your physician.

 Does PassportCard-DavidShield have special guidelines for its policyholders at this time?

We choose to adopt the World Health Organization guidelines that have so far been proven to be effective. We recommend that our clients avoid as much crowding as possible, stay at home as much as possible, maintain hygiene, and minimize cross-country travel, especially in those countries where the epidemic is currently hitting high numbers.

For a list of toll free numbers, click here.

WhatsApp Number:      +357-99066067

Email address:   csr@passportcard.com.cy

Or through chat on the self-service site and your smartphone App.

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The information presented above is as of the date of its publication, in accordance to the various developments and the instructions of official bodies. The Company reserves the right to change and adapt its answers and work procedures to any development of the situation, including insurance acceptance procedures and claims processing procedures.